Only For A Moment

When the thoughts seem so big
And the light seems to fade
Look up to Jesus and Remember
For only A Moment

He will tell you in his own way
That you are very much
Loved by the ones around you.
Don't ever forget it for even one day

Because you see, Jesus loves you
For what you are. He sees that...

you are doing everything you can
Even if it's just for a moment.

Time will play tricks on you.
But time is always there to stay
You may cry a tear here and there
But even that will go away.

For time is so precious to all of us
That only God will know what to do
Don't forget you have a friend
After all it's in the last part of his
name Jes US.

So look up everyday to Jesus
For he knows all about you.
He is proud to call you his child
I am proud to call you my friend.

Don't think of none of the bad things
for they will soon disappear.
For God had your life all worked out
way before you ever came.

So take this time and remember
Even when those thoughts come to mind
Remember it's only for a moment!

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