Tuesday Woods in Fairyland
A Pixie in Hiding

It's tough to be a pixie in a little humdrum town, with your weather beaten body and your old black gown. For you must never let folks know that under this disguise, are rainbow wings and dancing feet and laughter-ridden eyes.

With your decent little bonnet on your tidy little head, you start for church, but stray off-side where autumn leaves are red. You end the day atop a rock that crowns a scrubby hill and watch the sun go down in flames while autumn winds blow chill.

The harvest moon lights up the path that leads your feet back home. It dips and bobs and dances through a sea of misty foam. A little forest owl fans noiseless wings about your head. As you, rebellious pixie, take your lonely way to bed.
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Scenes from Lord of the Rings and Annie Lennox singing
"Into the West".

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Faerie Art for Tuesday Woods Banner by Nedda Shishegar (faerieprints.com). Be sure to visit her site for more beautiful faerie prints, jewelry, and much more.

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